About Us

Here at OutdoorsyMore.com we are all about trying to inspire the inner outdoorsman/woman to find their way back into the great outdoors more often!

About Us… Me & Outdoorsymore.com to be specific

I have always been the Outdoorsy type since I was a kid being a part of boy scouts and taking frequent hikes and camping trips. I fell in love with the outdoors and especially the peace the forest and running creeks can bring. As a grown up(big kid at heart really), and having two daughters of my own, I have had an even deeper burning passion to be outdoors with them, in the back country going hiking, camping, kayaking, rafting, or really anything!

Because of this love I have for the outdoors and my love for gadgets and gear I wanted to bring you a website that marries the two together into a digital treasure trove of information. So you, the wannabe more outdoorsy type, can make informed decisions and be prepared to take on your great next adventure!

Inside this wild ride of a website you will find anything and everything that has to do with the Great Outdoors! From “how to” articles, to “best buy” reviews, to instructions on tying camping knots, this is your one stop shop for all information about becoming Outdoorsy More.

Please check back regularly as we are adding new and exciting content all the time and please follow us on your favorite social media site!

Nature is calling… will you answer?